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Frequenty Asked Questions


What is TravelCount?

TravelCount is a hotel booking platform created for business travel. Businesses and organizations can apply for company accounts that give them access to extremely discounted hotel rates.

What kind of discounts are available?

TravelCount users have access to discounts of up to 50% off public retail hotel rates.

What hotels are available?

TravelCount offers reservations for 600,000+ hotels worldwide, from big brand names to boutique properties.

Is TravelCount really free?

Our users do not pay any membership fees or access fees. TravelCount earns a small commission on each hotel reservation - even with the large discounts our users receive.

Pre registration:

How do I register my business?

To register your business, please click here and fill out our quick application. You will be sent an email confirming that one of our TravelCount representatives will review your application. If approved, you will receive a welcome message with your account details within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Members of TravelCount have access to better-than-retail rates on hotel reservations from over 600,000 hotels worldwide. This saves companies up to 50% on business travel hotel stays. Members also earn points on hotel bookings that they can redeem for future travel.

Once a company’s employees are members of TravelCount, they can book hotel stays for both business and leisure travel. They can use their points for either.

Is there a membership fee?

Our program is absolutely free to all qualified businesses.

Can an individual join the program?

No, our program is for qualified businesses only.

Are there business requirements to become a member?

TravelCount must be able to independently verify the existence of each business that applies.

Post Registration:

How many users can be added to my business account?

Admins can add as many users within their company as they would like. However, all users must be employees of the company. There is no maximum limit on allowed users.

How do I brand my site with my companies branding?

Once an Admin is logged in, click the My Biz link up top. From here, click Upload Logo to upload your companies logo.

Can I add custom details necessary for my business when booking a room?

Once an Admin is logged in, click the My Biz link up top. From here, click Custom Fields to design specific questions to ask a user at check out. These questions collect the required details you would like your users to include when booking rooms.

How do I cancel a reservation?

It is important that all users note the cancellation policy of the hotel they choose at the time of booking. Some rates are not refundable, meaning a reservation can’t be cancelled or can’t be cancelled without a penalty fee.

If a reservation allows for cancellation, click on the “Cancellations” link in the footer of the TravelCount website and follow the instructions that are provided.

Can members of my company or organization use TravelCount for personal travel?

Yes. Once a company's employees are members of TravelCount, they can use the Leisure Site (found under "My Sites") for non-business travel. See more under "Leisure Travel" below.

Leisure Travel

Can members of my company or organization use TravelCount for personal travel?

Yes. We encourage you to use the Leisure Site (found under "My Sites") for non-business travel. This gives the user privacy in booking while still allowing them to take advantage of these great rates.

Can my company admin see reservations I made on the Leisure Site?

No. That's the beauty of the Leisure Site. While reservations made on the Business Site can be viewed by company admins for reporting purposes, reservations made on the Leisure Site are private to the user who made them.

Can employees use a stored business payment method on a leisure booking?

No. Companies can store a credit card to be used by all company members on the Business Site for business reservations, but that credit card will not be accessible to users on the Leisure Site.


How do I earn points?

You earn reward points on hotel bookings made through this site. When you search for a hotel, the number of points you can earn by choosing that property will be noted. After you book, the points you earned will also be noted on your confirmation, and your total will automatically update.

How do I redeem points?

The points you accumulate can be redeemed on a personal hotel reservation made on the Leisure Site (found under "My Sites"). Simply perform a hotel search, and each booking that you can cover completely with your points will be highlighted. When you get to the payment section of the booking, check the box to use your points as your payment method.

Can I use points to cover a portion of the cost of a booking?

No. Points can only be used when they can cover the full cost of a reservation.

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